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Published 30 Apr 2018



KPhotoAlbum, by Jesper Pedersen, is the photo/video cataloguing and organising program that was packaged with KDE desktop on Debian/Ubuntu Linux distributions for many years. But there were a few things that annoyed me and a few requirements that it didn't fulfil. So I made a few customizations to the code for my own use.

Desired Functionality

  • Use wildcard searching on some fields such as filename
  • When entering a field value, show not only matching field names, but subfields for those names where they exist, eg start typing “flower” and it will bring up “flower→rose” “flower→daisy” etc
  • Add extra parameter, along with date/time/filename, for each photo for grouping photos, in particular an “observation number” parameter
  • When loading new photos, if photos have the same date&time, enter them into the database ordered by filename in an attempt to keep them in sequential order (eg rapid-fire shutter release of a moving subject).
  • In thumbnail browser change first right-click menu item to annotate-multi as this is the most commonly selected
  • When in thumbnail browsing mode, shift-select should only select consecutive files and not a drag-box selection (as the latter is never what is wanted)
  • When viewing the annotations for multiple images, the boxes are greyed for categories that only apply to some of the selected photos. This is very hard to see, so change its colour (yellow?).
  • In search mode if you type in the start of the category, then click the one you want, it enters the first of the partial match and the category you selected too, should just enter the category you click on.
  • In thumbnail browser allow drag and scroll when moving photos (used to work)

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